Chat Formats

Want to know how to chat?

Here is a brief tutorial to get you started.

Before any chat you should seriously consider setting up Tweetdeck or Hootsuite on your device. These platforms allow you to create columns to follow specific people and/or hashtags. Create a column for #DI4all and position it next to your notifications (see image below). This will allow you to follow the chat and at the same time be able to see when chat participants respond to one of your Tweets.

Screenshot 2014-12-11 13.16.53

Every chat has a moderator(s). Moderators run the chat by pushing out questions or topics for participants to respond to and/or discuss.

Format 1: Question and Answer (Q&A Style)

This means a moderator(s) will pose a series of questions throughout the chat.

    1. The question will appear in the tweet starting with “Q1, Q2, Q3” and so below.
    2. Those in the chat will tweet a response starting with “A1, A2, A3” and so on using the chat hashtag in the Tweet.

Screenshot 2014-12-11 13.22.54

The Q&A Style Chat requires the audience to look for upcoming questions. However, at times the chat can get moving quit fast and before you know it you missed the question. If this happens, simply send a Tweet requesting for the moderators to ReTweet (RT) the question for you.

Format 2: EdCamp Style

This means there will typically be only 1 question or 1 open ended statement for everyone to weigh in on. This chat allows the audience to take off in any direction they choose so as long as it pertains to the chat Q or topic. Remember, use the chat hashtag in every Tweet so that it always appears in the chat feed.

Format 3: DI Style (Differentiated Style Chat)

A DI Style Chat differentiates for the audience by focusing on 1 Theme using 3-4 Topics within that theme. The topics are revealed in an image and retweeted throughout the chat. Participants can choose any topic and in any order to share ideas and/or ask the participants questions about the topic(s).

The image below reveals the theme as “Student Choice” with 4 Topics. The Tweet sample to the right shows me sharing ideas in relation to T2 (Topic 2: Examples of Student Choice)

DI4all w dec 1 Screenshot 2014-12-11 13.48.55

DI Style also ends the chat with reflections for

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the audience to think about and respond to using R1, R2 with their tweets (R = Reflection).

di4all reflection Qs Screenshot 2014-12-11 14.05.34

Regardless of the chat style or your experience/inexperience with chatting, just dive on in! The more you participate, the more you will gain from the chat experience. Don’t forget to Favorite or RT other’s tweets along the way and we look forward to seeing you in our #DI4all chats!

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